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I would be honored and delighted to visit your school,

preschool, bookstore, library, or daycare to read

Welcome to the World, Squirrelly Q

FREE in-person readings include:

  • Up to 1 hour for the book reading, the Who’s Who in SQ’S Critter Crew game, and Q&A

                  Who’s Who in SQ’S Critter Crew is a short verbal game where students are asked                        to identify the characters in the book based on objects that represent them.

  • Coloring page, maze, crossword puzzle, and word search handouts (age-specific).

  • 1 free signed hardcover copy of the book for the school library.

  • Order form for students to purchase personalized signed copies of the book.

  • A book signing can be incorporated, if time permits.

*Transportation charges may apply for locations that are not local

I can also arrange crafts and games (with prizes), depending on the type of the event (and location, age of children, attendance, etc).  See the photos below.  Additional fees may apply. 

                                                          Build-A-Squirrel (craft)

                                                          Lady’s Tiara Shop (craft)

                                                          Squirrel Sibling Hide and Seek (game)

                                                          Golden Acorn (game)

                                                          Acorn Drop (game)

                                                          Pizza Toss (game)


                  Please contact me at to discuss the details! 

I can’t wait to make your students

honorary members of SQ’s Critter Crew!

Objects from Who's Who in SQ's Critter Crew game


Lady's Tiara Shop


Acorn Drop

Golden Acorn

Squirrel Sibling Hide and Seek

Pizza Toss

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