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Storyteller at Heart

- Cindy Rovtar, Author -

The characters in Welcome to the World, Squirrelly Q unveiled themselves to first-time author Cindy Rovtar over years of travel and adventure, but it wasn’t until she became a mom to her own beautiful critters that the characters were truly brought to life.  Being a mom to two sons inspired her to write of the unbreakable bond between mother and child, and the magic of a mother’s love.  Cindy was born and raised in Ohio and still resides there with her husband, Mike, and sons, Eli and Max.  Central Park in New York City is an enchanted place full of memories and milestones for her and is now the beloved home of Squirrelly Q and his friends.  Squirrelly Q learns to never give up, especially when on a quest to find his place in the world – much like the author’s own quest to follow her heart and publish her first children’s book.

More about the author...

In the About the Author, I allude to my memories and milestones in the park.  The biggest milestone was my engagement to my husband.  He proposed on the Bow Bridge... which is precisely where Squirrelly Q meets Mr. E in the story!  He had intended to propose at Belvedere Castle (also represented in the story!), but couldn’t wait and proposed on the bridge.  It was an evening in early December so it was cold and dark, but the park was alive with magic and the energy of the big city around us.  It was simply magical that night and continues to enchant me every time I have the honor of visiting.  It is as if there is music in the wind and the trees whisper of adventure and promise.  I strove to capture that feeling in a story about enchanted critters on their own exciting journey throughout the park. 

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