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Meet the Squirrelly Qs

Narrator SQ


I envisioned the narrator of the story as Squirrelly Q in his teenage/young adult years.  He is older and wiser, but eager to tell the reader about his most exciting adventure... and possibly future ones to come!


Young Squirrelly Q

SQ alone (002)_edited.jpg

You will notice that young Squirrelly Q isn't shown in full at the beginning of the book.  This is intentional since the reader is on the journey with the characters to solve the mystery of his identity.  When he meets Maximus, only his swirly tail is visible to the reader.  The reader is primarily seeing what Squirrelly Q himself sees (like when he meets Mr. E and Sherlock).  The reader sees small glimpses of Squirrelly Q in the black smoke, getting clean in the fountain, and talking this friends by the castle, but must wait until the last page when his identity is revealed and he is shown in his entirety.  By the time he meets his mother at the end, he has grown hair and features that make him easily identifiable as a squirrel. And since his mom has a "Q" to her tail just like his, there is no mistaking their relation to each other!


Squirrelly Q's Mom


Squirrelly Q's mom is inspired by the pure magic of my own mom.  It wasn't until I was a mom to my own critters that I fully understood just how powerful the bond is between mother and child.  I remember being a young girl and how my mom was pure magic.  When I was with her, I was safe and loved.  This character is also a tribute to my own sons and the magic that exists between us. 

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