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The Dedication

To Grandma Carr

Mr E - copy _edited_edited.png

I was very close to my grandmother and while she passed away 25 years ago, she is still constantly with me and on my heart.  While I have always been pretty transparent with my feelings, she was more reserved with hers.  One day in my senior year of high school, we were driving through the park discussing my path after graduation.  I told her that all I truly wanted was to climb on top of a mountain and write.  I expected her to respond like everyone else did (with a chuckle), but to my surprise, she leaned over, patted my knee, and said, "Well, we are just going to have to find you that mountain."  Her words have been one of my greatest inspirations throughout my life, but especially on my quest to write this book. 

We have finally found that mountain, Grandma!

To Max and Eli

Being a mom to Max and Eli is truly a dream come true.   The characters of Maximus and Mr. E will forever capture the magic of their childhoods and limitless imaginations.

I pray that their hearts remain young forever and that I inspire them to reach for their dreams as much as they have inspired me to reach for mine.

A story of hope

Squirrelly Q has many obstacles and setbacks on his journey.  He feels sad and hopeless at times, but is lifted up by his friends who help him find his voice and his name... and ultimately his mother and squirrel family.  I pray that my own journey of publishing this book will be an inspiration to my sons and I hope that this story encourages other young readers to never give up on their own quests and dreams and to trust their instincts, rely on the powerful bond of love and friendship, and allow themselves moments of laughter and joy to renew their spirits.

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